I wouldn't consider Henry VIII to be tasty Valentine's fare, but that's just because I don't find anything sexy in a gluttonous, pissy decapitator. However, well before he became that jerk, Henry was quite the ladies man, and just in time for the day of love, Empire has thrown up an exclusive clip from The Other Boleyn Girl. The film stars Eric Bana as Henry, Scarlett Johansson as Mary, and Natalie Portman as the classic Anne. The tale -- that's simple. The two ambitious sisters fight for the love of King Henry VIII.

Man, Mary got the better deal there. Sure, she was later banished for marrying beneath her station, but it's better than the guillotine. Anyway, in this scene, Mary is getting the royal press from Bana's Henry. He brings her to his room, flatters her, plays the understanding 2nd-child bit, and goes in for the kiss.

For some reason, Scarlett always distracts me in period pieces. It never happens in her present-day work, but when she gets that long hair and old clothing, it seems more dress-up than a look back in time. Still, I really like how she lightly shakes her head for a moment before he leans in -- subtle and nice. The film hits theaters on the 29th.