Hearing that a self-help book is about to be made into a movie doesn't sound like the most appealing news. Is it just a bunch of people running around being super positive about everything? Or, lots of discussion about the different planets? Maybe, considering that part of the title is "Just Do It," it's some sort of exercise story riffing on Nike. No, not quite. Perhaps the whole title will make it more clear: Just Do It: How One Coupled Screwed Their Life and Love Back Together.

Yes, that's right folks -- we're getting a movie about people who sex their way back to happiness. Variety reports that the yet-to-be-published book by Doug Brown has been optioned by 20th Century Fox. As they describe it, the book "documents a quest by the author and his wife to have sex for 101 straight days -- no matter whether they were fighting or stressed out by their kids. In the process, the author learned about marriage and the possibility of falling madly in love all over again with one's spouse."

Seeing that the studio is looking to turn this into a romcom, only using the book as a "template," it'll probably be a heck of a lot more goofy than it is sexy, and I imagine the practicality will fall by the wayside. I'm talking about the three periods of time where things get kinky -- yes, pun intended -- and any other challenges that befall two people who have that much sex. But hey, that's Hollywood for ya.
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