What do you say about today? We all know what goes on; we've been there, seen it, done it. So, in the spirit of entertaining thousands upon thousands of strangers, here are the five most embarrassing things I've done in the name of love:

5. Fourth Grade: Had a massive crush on the cutest girl at school. Wanted to tell her, but couldn't. So I told my friend, who drafted up a letter (from me) to give to her, only I never asked him what was in the letter. Needless to say, the letter (which, I would soon find out, contained a slew of profanity) made it into the hands of the girl sitting next to my crush in the cafeteria. From there, it went to a teacher -- and I was marched up in front of the entire cafeteria; forced to sit detention for the remainder of the period. Outcome: The girl and I never spoke again.

4. Seventh Grade: Huge poetry nut -- to me, that was the key to landing a girlfriend. So I wrote my first poem, which I'll admit was a little dark and probably too deep for some kid in seventh grade. Passed the poem to another crush, who showed her parents, who called the teacher, who set me up to speak with a grade adviser about suicidal thoughts. I told the GA I was in love ... and could tell she felt very bad for me. Outcome: The girl and I never spoke again.

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