Sometimes, casting alternatives seem to come out of left field, like this latest one. According to MTV, before Hayden Christensen was cast in the new science-fiction flick Jumper, it was... Eminem -aka- Marshall Mathers. What the F***?! I've heard of strange possibilities before, but this pushes those strange boundaries. It would be like hearing Mick Jagger was up for a role Christopher Walken got, or Debbie Harry instead of Mia Farrow.

Sure, Eminem did alright in his movie, but it's not a stretch to pretty much play yourself. Anyway, writer/director Doug Liman says that the two met and they were having "conversations" about his participation. It was back in 2006, right after Liman was tapped to adapt the sci-fi book by Steven Gould. As Liman describes it: "The thing is that you're like, 'Oh my God, what would that movie have been like? But you've got to understand that Nicole Kidman was originally cast as the lead in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Brad Pitt was originally the lead in Bourne Identity." Wow. I'm sure both of those actors are thrilled that their possible casting is being equated to Eminem -- a guy who has only acted as a version of himself. Anyway, when Hayden entered the picture, Marshall's shot faded, and Christensen got to jump around the world all fancy-like.

Who would you have liked to see: Hayden or Eminem?

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