It's been ten years since Melissa George made her mark in her first feature film -- Alex Proyas' cult favorite, Dark City. Since then, she's had some stinkers -- oh, the crap that was Derailed comes to mind -- as well as some worthy roles like the beautifully eerie Camilla Rhodes in Mulholland Drive. But now that she's finished with vampires and 30 Days of Night, The Hollywood Reporter posts that she'll get into a supernatural Triangle.

The thriller is about some people who go on a yachting trip in the Atlantic Ocean. When they're "struck by mysterious weather conditions," they move onto another ship. However, it doesn't seem like this new ship was the life-saving convenience they imagined because they "experience greater havoc on the open seas" on this other vessel. I guess they hop onto a ghost ship or something. Or, maybe modern-day pirates?! Anyway, George will play one of the passengers who has a mental disorder and "relives the harrowing experience through each of her three personalities." I guess she survives, or has died and descended into a mental hell. Christopher Smith, who last brought us the bloody team-building flick Severance, will direct the feature, which shoots this spring in Australia.
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