A new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening has arrived online, and it's much longer than the earlier teaser we got not too long ago (which has since been taken down by the studio). Here, there's less "bodies falling from the sky" and a lot more mystery; why are all the bees dying, what's going on, where did everyone go, is Mark Wahlberg really our only hope -- that sort of thing. Kinda digging Wahlberg so far from what I've seen -- this doesn't appear to be his typical character; he seems a tad wimpy, geeky. We've all seen these "end of the world" scenarios in films before, so here's hoping M. Night adds a different spin to it.

Like Wahlberg says in the trailer: "There are forces at work here that are beyond our understanding." Whenever that line shows up in a trailer, I'm immediately terrified that M. Night will use it as a way of saying, "I don't have to explain this whole 'end of days scenario' to the audience because the characters don't understand it, so lets just watch people run and jump to their deaths and call it a day." I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt though; this film does seem to have potential (though there wasn't enough Zooey in the trailer), and I'll certainly head into it with an open mind. This one hits theaters on June 13.

Thoughts on the new trailer?

UPDATE: The video has been removed from the Tube, but you can still see the trailer over here.