At some point before The Dark Knight hits theaters, an animated direct-to-DVD anthology film of six animated short films called Batman: Gotham Knight will hit shelves, with stories that will serve as a bridge between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight -- sort of like what The Animatrix did for The Matrix trilogy. A brand new behind-the-scenes featurette just hit the internets (which you can see above) featuring director Bruce Timm, as well as some of the DVD's writers and producers.

According to Wikipedia, "... the film's six segments are written by Josh Olson, David Goyer, Brian Azzarello, Greg Rucka, Jordan Goldberg, and Alan Burnett. Each segment has its own writing and artistic style, just as numerous artists work in the same DC Universe. Deadshot, Killer Croc, the Scarecrow and Man-Bat have all been confirmed to appear in the film." The animation looks ridiculous, and I gather this will be one DVD we'll have to pick up. Check out the featurette up top; it's a little long, but it's pretty cool to watch.

[via Slashfilm]