Heck, if Trekkies could get their own documentary (or two), isn't it about time those Star Wars nuts out there get their turn? Eventually, we'll get to see the movie Fanboys; about a group of Star Wars fans who attempt to break into the Lucas ranch in order to sneak a copy of The Phantom Menace before anyone else. Now, Joblo tells us that some peeps are putting together a new documentary called The People vs. George Lucas -- and while, at first glance, it appears to be a doc about people who want to trash the moves Lucas has made in recent years, JB promises us that "the movie plans to address various issues surrounding the series and offer a balanced argument between supporters and those with fluctuating or fading faith in the Force ..."

The cool thing about this film, which will be directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, is that they're looking to incorporate videos from Star Wars fans. So, if you're a big Skywalker nut and have a very strong opinion on where Lucas has taken the franchise over the years, you can record yourself and send it to the filmmakers. From the official website: "The idea is to create a fan film for and partly by fans in a style paying tribute to the YouTube phenomenon." The first teaser poster for The People vs. George Lucas has also been released (see right, and view full size after the jump), and so now it'll be interesting to see what comes out first: This film or Fanboys. Nevertheless, I know you're all just dying to see JimmySkyvadar618 spew Lucas hatred in his underwear from his living room couch -- so give this film some love and help these folks get 'er done.

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