Obviously I'm one of those people who does NOT believe that violent films cause violent behavior, but I just caught wind of a strange little story from Australia that adds an interesting new angle to the discussion. You can read the full story right here, but the basic gist of it is this: Six underage inmates at an Australian juvenile detention center (two of which were there for sex-related offenses) were treated to a screening of the slasher sequel Wrong Turn 2: Dead End -- a flick that, yes, contains all sorts of nasty violence, casual nudity, and graphic sequences of cannibal-mutants in the act of (ahem) coitus.

Now, as much as I love the horror flicks, I doubt I'd play Wrong Turn 2 for any 14-year-old-types, let alone some kids who've been incarcerated for seriously anti-social behavior. But apparently one of the facility's recreation officers thought it was perfectly acceptable to show the nasty horror flick to a bunch of (at least somewhat) unbalanced youths. Needless to say, several Aussies are calling for the officer's dismissal. They also seem to be annoyed that the DVD was rented with taxpayers' money, but that seems a rather minor infraction, all things considered. (DVDs are pretty inexpensive and all.)

Wrong Turn 2 director Joe Lynch was a little snarky when he told Dread Central: "Although it seems that the unfortunate individuals involved have an impeccable taste in horror films, this was never intended to be shown in ANY correctional facility to emotionally fragile minds. Please be warned, Wrong Turn 2 could influence one to engage in uncontrollable fits of cannibalism or mutant diddling and is not meant for the easily impressionable ... or served with vegemite." But when I told the guy I wanted a slightly more serious response to the story, he told me this: "Films like Wrong Turn 2, as fun as they are intended to be, are extreme in their entertainment and honestly, shouldn't be shown to overly impressionable minds, especially in a government-run location like a correctional facility or a school. That seems pretty obvious to me."
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