Disney/Pixar has sent us a new image from this summer's WALL-E (click on the photo for a larger version), due out in theaters on June 27. WALL-E is the latest film from those wizards over at Pixar, and it follows a lonely robot in the year 2700 who spends his days doing what he was made for (cleaning up trash, etc). However, he will soon discover what he was meant for. Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) directs the flick, which, honestly, looks like the cutest friggin' thing ever. Each and every time I see a photo or a trailer for WALL-E, I have an urge to reach out and hug the thing. I can't believe we're only two months away from summer already -- is it just me, or is time flying?

Thoughts on WALL-E? Do you think it will be better than Ratatouille?

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