He's resurrected Rocky. He brought back Rambo. And now Sylvester Stallone might be continuing the trend by reprising his role as rock climber Gabe Walker for another Cliffhanger film. Remember that one? Stallone plays a rock climber who accidentally drops his best friend's gal off a mountain, then returns to stop John Lithgow from stealing a bunch of money? It's a pretty good film -- and anytime you have Lithgow play the villain, you won't go wrong. According to PR Insider, "Sony executives are in negotiations with Stallone to revive the character for The Dam."

Uh oh, does that mean there will be lots of water involved this time? Stallone first played the character back in 1993, and the film did pretty well at the box office (I believe it came in at somewhere in the $85 million range). One imagines Stallone will be the only one returning for The Dam, and his Gabe Walker character will be up against a new enemy. Here's my question: How many characters is Stallone going to revive before enough is enough? It's an odd trend; one that's making him money, sure, but Gabe Walker is no John Rambo or Rocky Balboa. What do you think about another Cliffhanger flick? Good idea, or should Sly stick with something a tad more original his next time out?

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