Now that the writer's strike is over, the Academy Awards will arrive next Sunday (February 24) with a red carpet, with a host, with our favorite actors and actresses, and, most importantly, with writers (because what would we do without that witty banter in between awards?). So, in an effort to provide you with as many predictions as possible, we here at Cinematical will shovel out a number of different posts. Starting next week we'll have up an Oscars hub, which will include our reviews for all of the Oscar-nominated films, as well as predictions, galleries and a bunch of other fun stuff. Excited yet?

For our predictions, we'll be doing our usual official predictions post (based on a poll conducted within Cinematical headquarters), and we'll also be giving you some more, um, unique predictions, from folks like Jose, the New York City cab driver, and, well, Ernest Borgnine (who visits us annually with thoughts on the year's grandest awards). So before you submit your office poll predictions, you might want to hang around Cinematical this week to see what we (as well as all our friends) have to say.

Note: While we'll take full credit if we're right, don't go blaming us for your losses if we're wrong. But we should be right. Maybe. Who knows. But that's what's fun about it all.