Do you need a good laugh today? I saw Taxi to the Dark Side on Friday night and when we came home, I was in desperate need of comedy. I found respite in the short films that are entered in the Kindly Rewind contest, another scheme from those crazy folks at Alamo Drafthouse. Nearly 150 shorts are entered in the competition, most of them running 5-6 minutes long, all of them "swedes" of movies as popularized in the trailer for Be Kind Rewind. You can watch all of them online and if you sign up, you can vote for your favorites this week. The shorts are also all playing at Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar this week if you live in Austin.

The sweded shorts include five different versions of Top Gun; six takes on Jurassic Park; four of The Karate Kid; two Back to the Futures (Marty wears a real life vest in one), one Back to the Future 2, and one Back to the Future trilogy; and one Be Kind Rewind -- the filmmakers must have been crushed when Michel Gondry did his own swede of the trailer. (But theirs contains a fabulous swede of The Big Lebowski.) Other choices for entries included a fully animated version of Bambi, Koyaaanisqatsi, An Inconvenient Truth (so funny we are developing household catch-phrases from it), Beastmaster with a seven-year-old in the title role, Run Lola Run with very dubious German, and March of the Penguins set in downtown Austin. I especially like the films where people are as low-tech as possible: humming or singing the movie's theme music, using pets as characters, and employing cut-out figures or plastic dinosaurs. (At the end of The Sound of Music, the characters walk up the street to a hand-drawn sign that says "Switzerland.")
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