It would seem that Imagi Studios' big-screen version of the classic manga Astro Boy is really going to be a work in progress. ComingSoon is reporting that Timothy Harris has been hired to write the new script for the CGI flick. This is the second major switch-up for the film about the boy robot. Back in January, the studio decided to replace director Colin Brady with Flushed Away's David Bowers. The first script had been put together by Michael Lachance (Kung Fu Panda), but now Harris will be taking over full time.

For those of you not familiar with the classic manga story by Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy is the story of a boy-robot in search of his creator and struggling with his more 'human' qualities. Of course, in between the soul searching there are plenty of battles with mad scientists and master criminals. Brady had originally imagined the story as a 'dark Pinocchio' tale, but who knows what Harris may have planned now that he is in charge.

So just like the last time when there was a personnel change on the project, everyone seems really excited about the changes afoot (what else could they say?). Harris was quoted as saying, "'Astro Boy' is a dream animation project. It's a classic, as timeless as Oliver Twist, set in the most incredible futuristic world. It's one of those stories that moves you emotionally while being funny and entertaining at the same time." Too bad you can't say the same thing about some of Harris' other projects, including Kindergarten Cop and Space Jam. Astro Boy is set to arrive in theaters in 2009.

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