Over the years, we've seen all sorts of government conspiracies and cover-ups on film. Usually, it's your normal action movie or conspiracy story. But now, well, it's getting dangerously sexy. Variety reports that Barbarian Film Fund is going to pull out the wallet for a new psychological thriller called Urge, which was written by Guy Busick (a writer for Watch Over Me),

The story is about a bunch of unlucky folks in a small town. All they want to do is live their lives, but then the town is "suddenly reduced to its most base violent and sexual urges after being exposed to a failed secret government experiment." As most of the town goes nuts, partaking in this sexy badness, a small group that weren't exposed try to stay alive and uncover the truth about the government flub. The spoil sports. This is supposed to be dramatic and all, but I have visions of John Waters dancing through my head (a mixture of A Dirty Shame and Cecil B. Demented).

The film has yet to find a director to partake in the lasciviousness, but I imagine someone will sign on soon enough.
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