It's been a number of years since Roman Polanski was going to bring Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and the Margarita to the big screen. (Although there was a miniseries a few years ago.) Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the novel is getting its next shot with producer Scott Steindorf and Stone Village Pictures -- the same company that is bringing us Gabriel Garcia Marquez's famous work -- Love in the Time of Cholera. Stone Village optioned the film in a low to mid six-figure against low-seven deal, and are on the search for someone to adapt the work from an uncensored manuscript.

The story (with the 12% that was removed previously) has got all the bits for a good adaptation, and has been one I've been itching to read. Taking place in Moscow before the second World War, the novel focuses on the devil popping up on Earth as one Professor Woland and having his fun with the literary world in Moscow. His adventures and predictions land many in the insane asylum, which is where the devil is headed to see The Master, who wrote a book about Pontius Pilate, and "was driven mad by rejection." Meanwhile, his love, Margarita, longs to be reunited with him.

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