According to the Italian website BadTaste, they have the first official promo artwork for both James Cameron's Avatar and Ice Age 3. They say these are "totally authentic" and "from a 2009 Fox line-up." Both definitely seem in line with what we've already seen (artwork, etc), so I tend to believe these are official, though obviously scanned and not in a great resolution. The Italian text for Avatar says (according to the tipster who sent it to us) that the film is "the story of an injured ex-marine who finds himself involved (against his will) into men colonizing an alien planet. Finally, he chooses to change his battle array, leading the alien race in a battle for life." Though I took nine years of Italian in junior high, high school and college, I'm of no use in this area -- so feel free to translate for us in the comments section below. Both films are due out in 2009.

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