I've been writing so much about the upcoming young adult vamp horror adaptation Twilight that I'm beginning to think I should read it. I probably would have if I were 10 or 15 years younger, as I used to devour every vamp or horror-themed YA book out there. (Oh, how I loved The Vampire Diaries.) Now it's just picking at those old interests.

Anyway, that's Stephenie Meyers' first vampire family up above, and yes, that means the casting for the Cullen family has been completed. Following up the casting of Nikkie Reed and Robert Pattinson, MTV reports that Peter Facinelli (Can't Hardly Wait) will play Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser (the once faceless girl on Grey's Anatomy) will play Esme, Jackson Rathbone (The O.C.) will play Jasper, Ashley Greene (King of California) will be Alice, and Kellan Lutz (Stick It) will play Emmett McCarty Cullen.

I have no idea if these guys are right for the roles, but I'm really getting a kick out of Facinelli with blonde hair. Go to MTV to see a bigger version of that pic, plus two more.

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