At long last, here's the second half to my review of the Grindhouse Experience 2 collection. Finding time to sit down and watch ten movies turned out to be harder than I thought. If you missed the first installment you can check it out right here. Yes, we've got ten more obscure B-movie oddities, covering a wide range of genres. These are all public domain films from various countries and have all been released under numerous titles. Here we go:

Disk 3 - Side B - Car Chases

Renegade- 1987
Of all the movies in this collection, this one least fits the definition of a grindhouse flick, but it's an entertaining little bit of B-movie shenanigans. Renegade Luke (Terrence Hill) is an amiable shmoe, traveling the American southwest with no particular destination in mind, making his way by pulling some low level scams, notably selling his horse for gas money knowing that the critter is smart enough to return to him once the transaction is complete. An old army buddy named Moose is doing time for vehicular manslaughter, and he asks Luke to take custody of his obnoxious 14-year-old son Matt (played by Hill's real-life son Ross, who tragically died at the age of 17 just three years after this film was released). Despite some initial friction, Matt fits in well with Luke and his horse Joe. As the trio make their way to Matt's home they are set upon by bikers, truckers, and thugs with machine guns. This is an Italian production, though it was shot in Arizona using many American actors. No Oscars here, but the characters are likable and the action is plentiful.
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