Remember Madonna? Talented, cone-chested singer, somewhat less successful in the movie department? You may have heard (possibly from us) that she directed a movie called Filth and Wisdom that had its world premiere at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival. Kim Voynar reports that it was mostly positively received, while Anne Thompson at Varietysays it was "badly reviewed." Either way, it's Madonna, and she's really famous -- and now it looks like her film might skip theaters and DVD and go straight to iTunes.

Variety is our source, and while their headline -- "Madonna puts 'Filth' up for download" -- makes it sound like it's a done deal, the subhead and the story make it clear that the download option is merely being considered. (Note to Variety: It's better if the headline conveys information that is a) true and b) found in the story. I'm just sayin'.)

The Material Girl tells the trade publication: "I've been speaking to iTunes about releasing it through them.... I want the most amount of people to see it as possible.... I don't like to do anything conventionally."

Ah, yes. It's not the lack of interest from potential distributors that has made Madonna consider releasing the film online; it's her desire to be unconventional.
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