I just can't quite decide if Mike Myers looks comedic or downright creepy in the new poster for his romantic comedy, The Love Guru. Although, I guess it is pretty weak to be creeped out by a guy in a handlebar mustache holding a flower. IMPA Awards has just released the first poster, and the words mustache and flower pretty much sum up the one sheet. Well, that, and a fairly corny tag-line -- but I'll let you find that out on your own.

Myers stars as Pitka, an American raised by gurus who returns to the states to start up his own self-help business. His first project is to solve the professional and personal problems of a hockey player who has hit the skids (well, it is a Mike Myers movie after all, so hockey was bound to show up somewhere). Joining Myers in the cast are Jessica Alba as Myers' love interest, Justin Timberlake as a rival skater, Verne Troyer as the team coach, and Ben Kingsley as Guru Tugginmypudha. Also included in the cast are Romany Malco as the troubled player and The Daily Show's Jon Oliver as Dick Pants (is it just me, or do some of these names look like something you would see on a substitute teachers attendance sheet?).

The flick shot on location in Toronto over the summer, and so far we have only gotten a few sneak peeks of Alba and Myers on set. I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something about this movie that has me very nervous. So as much as I might like Myers, I don't think even he is going to be able to make Alba funny -- just ask Dane Cook. Personally, I think I'll just hold out for Myer's Keith Moon biopic instead. The Love Guru opens in theaters on June 20th, 2008.