I'm still amazed that we've only seen two images from this summer's The Incredible Hulk so far (not counting toys), considering the other big summer blockbuster flicks have already shelled out loads of images, trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes -- what have you? At this point, we've seen more from the new Star Trek film (which bows in May, 2009) than we have The Incredible Hulk (which comes out on June 13). And at the beginning of each week, I usually predict the Hulk trailer is only two or three days away -- but alas, it never comes. Could this be why fans are so hesitant to put Hulk on their must-watch list this summer?

We recently asked you which films you were most anticipating in 2008, and only a very small amount put The Incredible Hulk on their list. Furthermore, Moviehole cites a recent Blockbuster poll (asking readers which summer film they were anticipating the most) which found the flick coming in dead last with 1% of the vote, behind Speed Racer. Yet, it's hard to imagine why folks would be so iffy on this new version of the Hulk when the cast absolutely rocks (c'mon -- Tim Roth is your friggin' villain!). So why isn't there more love? Is it because the Ang Lee version left a sour taste? Is it because the studio refuses to promote the film? Is it because there are that many better looking films to choose from? Let's try to figure this one out in the poll below -- and please answer honestly.