Note: The above video contains mild profanity. You've been warned.

So you know how after a film comes out, they'll throw together one of those commercials featuring moviegoers outside the theater, telling everyone how much they loved the film? They don't do it as much anymore, but it's always fun to watch some random fat dude with a sign proclaiming his love for the latest Hollywood release. Anyway, some very funny folks got together and recorded a parody of one of these commercials for the new film Step Up 2 the Streets. Ya know, that movie with all the kids dancing in the streets? In its first week, Step Up 2 pulled in roughly $28 million, which means them kids out there definitely step up to the box office when one of these urban dance flicks arrives. The video, which you can watch above (via Funny or Die), comes with the description: "The Step Up franchise is like You Got Served for white people!"

Personally, I thought it was hilarious. Just try not to take offense -- it's all in good humor. Step Up 2 the Streets is currently playing in your local theater.

[Thanks ivamarie for the tip]