A detective, a zebra and revenge! What more could you ask for when seeking out Japanese films newly-released on DVD? I've been hearing terrific things about Nightmare Detectivesince it came out in Japan early last year. Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, who also made Tetsuo, the Iron Man and A Snake of June, among other wonderfully weird and twisted concoctions, the film was described by Mark Schilling of The Japan Times as probably "too dark and disturbing for the average punter expecting, from the title, something in the X Files line. ... Be prepared for not just the usual goosebumps, but a viral infection of your dream life." The DVD from Dimension Extreme includes a documentary by the director and a "making of" feature.

Originally released in Japan three years ago, Takashi Miike's Zebraman finally sees the light of digital day in Region 1. This is the lighter side of the notoriously edgy Miike, a comic fantasy about a schoolteacher who pretends that he's a superhero, only to discover he is "fated to become the real-life protector against an alien invasion," wrote Aaron Hillis for The Village Voice. "Miike's most accessible exploit to date ... is still deliciously insane." The DVD from Tokyo Shock includes a motley collection of extras, such as a look at the singer of the theme song and TV spots, according to SciFi Japan.