It's funny. I consider Lois Lowry to be one of those instrumental writers for young girls, but I only read Anastasia Krupnik (and maybe one more). Regardless, one of her other big series was The Giver trilogy, which was once again trying to reach the big screen last March. Well, it seems that the production has hit another snag, one that is bad for Lowry fans, but great for followers of JK Rowling and Harry Potter.

On her blog, Lowry says that David Yates was going to helm The Giver after finishing the next Potter flick -- Half-Blood Prince. However, she goes on to say: "But he has just decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years. Maybe the opening of this film could be held simultaneously with my celebration-of-life service after I succumb to old age? Or the producers will decide to get a different director. Stand by. But without holding your breath."

If this is true, it means that Yates will be behind three of the series' films -- Harry Potter and the ... Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows -- in other words, all of the final films. Hopefully he won't have to deal with any romantic turmoil on the set!

Speak out, Potter fans! Do you want him tackling the final installment, or is there someone else you would rather have helming the Hallows?

[via Ace Showbiz]
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