There's a piece up over on the New York Times about Jon Stewart prepping for the Oscars in only eight days, instead of the couple months he thought he'd have before that pesky writers' strike happened. While on the one hand I was kind of holding out for the strike to last past the Oscars, if only to spare myself having to liveblog the event, on the other hand I do like Stewart very much, and of anyone who could be hosting the Oscars this year, I think he's the most likely to make them at least moderately entertaining. Okay, I'll settle for "not painful to watch."

Stewart last hosted the Oscars two years ago (last year's event, you may recall, was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres), and for that event he was invited in December, and had just under two months to prep. This time Stewart and his Daily Show writers have just eight days to write their material, and for the most part, the nominated films don't really seem to lend themselves to a lot of light-hearted humor, so it will be interesting to see what they come up with on short notice.

Are you looking forward to seeing Stewart back on as host? Would you rather they'd picked someone different -- DeGeneres again? Robin Williams? Billy Crystal? Obama? (Just kidding on that one ... well, kinda.) It's your sandbox -- discuss away!

[via Movie City News]