According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Tracey Fragments will be coming to U.S. theaters in May by way of ThinkFilm. Based on a novel by Maureen Medved, the movie stars Ellen Page of Juno, Hard Candy, and X-Men III as a self-loathing teenage girl trying desperately to find her lost nine-year-old brother who thinks he's a dog. The film uses a non-linear narrative and split-screen to present the main characters thoughts. Director Bruce McDonald has several intriguing credits, including the punk rock faux documentary Hard Core Logo, as well as episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation and the ultra bizarre science fiction series Lexx.

No doubt the success of Juno spurred ThinkFilm's decision to distribute The Tracey Fragments. They will release the film in New York City on May 9, to be followed by a presumably limited release (given the film's unconventional nature) to other cities. The film is nominated for six awards at next month's Genies (Canada's big entertainment award), including best actress for Page. It also won the Manfred Salzgeber Panorama Jury Prize, for a film that "broadens the boundaries of cinema," at last year's Berlin fest. It also garnered positive reviews from Cinematical's own James Rocchi and Erik Davis.

For those curious about the film, the official website is definitely worth a look. It offers the trailer which provides a glimpse at McDonald's intriguing approach, a downloadable Tracey Fragments comic book in PDF format, and a fascinating bit called Tracey: ReFragmented (which Monika first posted about here) for which McDonald made all the footage shot for the film available and held a contest inviting anyone and everyone to remix it. The contest is closed but you can still view the entries.
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