Note to Jessica: Please don't ever cut your hair. Yes, that's Jessica Alba up top re-creating that memorable scene from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. No, thankfully, she's not starring in another remake -- this time the gal took part in a photo shoot for Latina Magazine where she re-created memorable scenes from several classic horror films. Hmm, I think I smell a trend brewing. Yup, definitely a trend. And is it me, or does Alba look like she's kinda laughing in that image; not screaming. It's like a laugh scream -- and I hear only the most talented actresses can pull one off successfully.

The other films Alba, ahem, crucified during the photo shoot include Rosemary's Baby, Scream, The Birds and The Ring. You can check out those photos in the gallery below, and be sure to let us know (as well as Alba) which one you think she should remake next.

[Photos via Egotastic]

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