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At 26, Gustin Nash was an aspiring screenwriter working in a Burbank mall -- hanging with a bunch of kids (what he calls the "mall sub-culture") -- watching movies, and looking to his father, a psychiatrist, for advice on the future. One night, while down in the dumps and unsure of his path in life, Gustin's father told him to make a list of things he wants to accomplish and next to each write down, "You can do it." Later on, in bed, Gustin dreamt up a new character -- one that, no matter what life threw at him, would always remain optimistic and open-minded. Thus, his tenth spec script was born ... and he called it Charlie Bartlett.

Little did he know at the time, but Charlie Bartlett would become Nash's first produced screenplay. And not only was the film made (with a cast that includes Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr. and Hope Davis), but it's also heading to a theater near you this weekend. Cinematical spoke to Gustin about writing Charlie Bartlett, working alongside director Jon Poll on set and what it's like to watch your baby land on the big screen for the first time. Additionally, since I'm such a rabid Youth in Revolt fan, I also asked Gustin (who penned the adaptation) what we should expect from that film when it eventually hits theaters.