There has been an alarmed buzz building across the Internet this week and it is centered around a little boy in a wolf suit.

Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved Where the Wild Things Are has been shrouded in secrecy for a year. Everyone has seemed content to leave it that way because, frankly, it seemed to be a sure thing. A classic book, an edgy, young director and a script penned by the brilliant Dave Eggers -- it seems like the recipe for an instant and intelligent classic.

Or not. Footage of Max frolicking with the monsters surfaced this week (and was just as quickly yanked on many sites, including our own, by Warner Bros) to a decidedly mixed reaction from fans. While it was hailed as being accurate, "tone wise," by Ain't It Cool News' Moriarty, Jonze quickly did damage control. In an e-mail from Warners to several outlets, Jonze dismissed the footage as a "clip [that] doesn't look or feel anything like the movie." If the test footage is nothing like the film, which film did Moriarty see? And why does it match this poster a spy snapped at a convention back in June 2007?
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