Zack Snyder, director of 300 and the upcoming Watchmen, has posted a thank you to the film's cast and crew on the film's official website. Filming has now wrapped and unlike the constant video features from 300, Watchmen tidbits have been kept under incredible lock and key. (At last, we have an answer as to who watches the Watchmen. . . )

But Snyder hasn't forgotten about us and has given fans a wrap gift -- a new still from the movie. We still don't get a glimpse of Ozymandias, Nite Owl or Doc Manhattan, but a violent Rorschach is always nice. And Slashfilm has already done a lovely comparison of the comic book panel versus the finished product. As with his work on 300, Snyder has tried to keep the faith and remain true to the original panel. (Will the other guys being torched be CGI'd in?)

It looks cool, but is just vague enough to drive Watchmen's diehard fans into a frenzy that he's mishandling it. I can already hear the howls and fierce nitpicking. Personally, I have faith that Snyder will deliver a solid and faithful adaptation. He has so much passion for the book that I think it would kill him to fail as much as it would destroy his audience.

Regardless, I want more! Let's see some set videos, stills of other characters, or an actor interview or two. As fun as the anticipation is, I want to see my faith in Snyder justified. Or at least proof he improved Laurie's costume.

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