Hours after Warner Bros and Leo DiCaprio grabbed Akira, we have the lead casting courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.

If your first thought upon hearing that DiCaprio was producing was "I bet he stars in it, too," well, you would be right. DiCaprio will reportedly be playing the lead character, Kaneda.

Set to star opposite him as Tetsuo is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is well on his way to the A-List these days -- and will probably be the next a geek hero in the Christian Bale mold after G.I. Joe.

Again, I'm completely unfamiliar with the book, so you'll have to tell me whether this is casting perfection or a complete disaster. Both are fine young actors, so I can't imagine it is the latter, but I know how bitter a pill it can be to see a beloved character miscast. I'd also like to hear who else you would like to see added to the roster.

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