That "walking spermatoza" movie isn't the only one on the docket for the duo behind Blades of Glory -- Josh Gordon and Will Speck. While nothing can really compare to that other premise, this next flick could be promising as well. Variety reports that they've signed on to direct Paramount Pictures' new comedy called I Want to ____ Your Sister. Lovely, eh? In this cinematic mad lib, which was written by Melissa Stack, a brother gets over protective lil' sibling.

MTV Films had grabbed the spec back in March, for $300,000 against $600,000, and as the story goes, it's a coming-of-age comedy about an older bro who wants to protect his younger sister from lascivious guys just like him. It sort of reminds me of She's Out of Control, but with a brother instead of a father.

Since this is comedy teen fare, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Jonah Hill or Michael Cera in there, although they could also go the route of the hot older brother who does funny things, but isn't necessarily funny himself. I'm hoping that they get some people in there with comedy chops, but we'll have to wait and see. Since Baster is still in the works, this might take a while.
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