Oh gee, another movie about a woman getting stalked by a sadistic dude. I try to ignore most of these films as they're pretty much just more of the same, but I think this new flick is irking me because it was written by a woman. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Scatter Light Productions has picked up Curve -- a new thriller written by Kimberly Lofstrom Johnson. While this is her first script, you might recognize her name from her work in reality television.

So, what's this oh-so-original premise? When a man helps fix her car, a woman tries to be "a good Samaritan" and give him a ride. Maybe, instead of Samaritan, it should be "idiot." A little work under the hood doesn't make someone a good, or even safe man. It just makes them a sneaky one. Anyway, in the unsurprising twist, the guy attacks her, so "she attempts an emergency maneuver that lands her trapped in her car in a ravine, with the man waiting for her to weaken." I've been through drivers ed and the like, but what the eff is an "emergency maneuver" for an in-car assailant? Drive like a spaz until you soar off a cliff? Who knows.

This will be Scatter Light's first project, and so far, there's no word on a director or production schedule.
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