Instead of starting out with a bang and fading fast, Aline Brosh McKenna has slowly been building herself a pretty sweet career. She started on Margaret Cho's All-American Girl, had Three to Tango, the Laws of Attraction, and a television show called Drive. Then, well, she penned the ultra-popular The Devil Wears Prada, and followed it up with Katharine Heigl's 27 Dresses. Now Variety reports that Mandate Pictures has picked up her next romcom, which is currently untitled.

This time around, her comedic heroine will be Maya -- "a young and highly successful businesswoman who has devoted her life to working for her legendary businessman father. But when Mr. Right enters her life and proposes to her, her father's disapproval of her new fiance leads Maya to devise a mischievous ploy to change Dad's mind." I'm hoping it's hypnotism, but I bet it will be something like a business makeover.

Mandate head Nathan Kahane says Brosh McKenna has "an exceptional ability to tell charming and funny stories for women that are guilty pleasures for men." Personally, I hope it's without the friendly condescension in Prada and tons of other projects these days. In Prada, Andy gets chastised for being busy with her job, with no discussion that maybe it's good for her to make the most of this opportunity -- not permanently, but temporarily. This sort of thing is popping up all over the place. Challenging the lead is good and makes for a better movie -- if it isn't done in a way that makes you question the challenger. Anywho, stay tuned, as I'm sure we'll have more romcommy goodness soon.
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