For the third year in a row, I'm turning to my favorite Oscar predictor of all: my kid brother Stephen. He's not really a kid anymore (he's 25 now), but he still has the funniest Oscar picks around. He's also not a very accurate predictor, since only two of his picks from last year were correct. But that doesn't matter -- I like his rants about the films that weren't nominated and should win even better than the picks he makes that are limited to actual nominations. How many other people have you heard complaining that Michelle Pfeiffer and Josh Brolin were robbed ... and in the case of Brolin, not for No Country for Old Men, either.

I managed to get Stephen on the phone for more than five minutes running, which is a difficult feat, and we had a lively discussion about this year's Oscar nominees, as well as the films and talent who weren't recognized by the Academy this year. My only disappointment is that I can't get him very interested in documentaries -- with one notable exception, as you'll see. I'm not good at predicting Oscars, but before I got Stephen on the phone, I predicted which nominees he would pick for Oscars this year, and I was right in every non-actress category (he's extremely particular about actresses).