I don't know what it is, but I can barely muster up any sort interest for Hugh Jackman as an actor. I don't mind him, and I have nothing against him, but there's just this armor of indifference that he has yet to pierce. That is, unless he's got his adamantium on. Then, well, I'll follow him to the ends of the Earth. I guess it's just an example of what perfect casting can do -- Wolverine is epically wonderful, and Jackman, he's just alright.

The latest rumor circling the project gossip mill is that Jackman might wipe away his gritty stints in Australia and Wolverine with some more fancy showtunes. Variety says that producer Pierre Cossette is looking to bring back Broadway's The Will Rogers Follies with Hugh playing Will -- the role that Keith Caradine originally played. I'm thinking that this is mostly a pipe dream, but Jackman is no stranger to the stage, so it wouldn't be completely surprising if this happens.

But this leads me to a question: Will Jackman ever bring his two careers together? On-screen, he's usually a dramatic guy, or a tough guy, but on stage, he can get quite flamboyant (like, oh, The Boy From Oz). So far, they really haven't met. Is this a good thing? Should they ever meet? What would it do for his career?
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