I didn't get a Juno hamburger phone or one of those yummy There Will be Bloodmilkshakes that were being delivered around LA recently (I don't live in LA, so it would've gotten all melty by the time it got to my house anyhow, so I'm not bitter ... ), and I don't get a lot of pig masks or movie-related thongs, but every now and again a studio sends something cool enough to write about, and today is one of those days.

DHL just dropped off a package a bit ago. Usually when they show up at my door, it's with a screener of an indie flick, or a DVD I'm reviewing. This time, however, the package felt ... oddly lumpy. I opened it up, and there inside was an Official Indiana Jones Bullwhip, accompanying the official trailer for the film. I managed to snag a few pics before my pack of kids ran off to play with it (after stern admonishment that they are NOT to use it to hit each other ... or the dog ... or their parents).

What really struck me, though, was that when I said, "Oh, cool, it's an Indiana Jones bullwhip!" they collectively looked at me and said, "Who?" So I called my dad and told him, and he was much more satisfyingly excited about it than they were. It made me realize that we've been terribly regress in our kids' movie education -- how could they live with me and NOT know who Indiana Jones is? It's even worse that when we realized we'd never showed them Ghostbusters! We're going to have to remedy that.

Now all I need is an official Rose McGowan machine-gun leg from Grindhouse, and I'll be all set ...

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