Eminently rewatchable, a near-perfect slice of California cool versus East Coast paranoia, dancing on the edge of the truly ridiculous, The Lost Boys neatly captured the zeitgeist in 1987. Pitting a gang of ultra-hip young thrill-seeking vampires against a town that epitomized Middle American values was a master stroke. As Scott Weinberg commented more than a year ago, fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since. Scott reported that a sequel was finally in the works, but that it would be direct to video, filmed in sunny San Diego, and revolve around Surfer Vampires.

Monika Bartyzel told us that Autumn Reeser (my favorite cute, insecure wisecracker from The OC) had been added to the cast as "a girl who moves with her brother to Trinidad, California and is seduced by the leader of the vamp surfers." Erik Davis broke our hearts with the news that Corey Haim would not be appearing in the film * (see update below), though Corey Feldman is still intact (phew!) and the production had moved to Vancouver.

To whet your appetite further, ShockTillYouDrop has an exclusive look at a new fang-tabulous still from The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. You can check it out in all its full-blooded splendor at their site, where you can also see who's underneath the bloody vampire. Shock also lists Tad Hilgenbrink (American Pie Presents Band Camp) and Angus Sutherland as additional cast members. P.J. Pesce directs. Look for it to hit DVD shelves this July.

UPDATE: As our faithful commenters kindly pointed out, Corey Haim will indeed be making an appearance, as reported by someone at some movie site I really should read once in a while. Thank you, readers!
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