This just comes from a wee little blurb over at Variety, but it should be good news for any of you John Leguizamo fans out there. It seems that three companies -- Willoughby Pictures, Savandra Pictures, and Mission Launch -- have come together to produce an upcoming feature called Tar Beach -- and they're in talks with Leguizamo to helm it. This would mark his second directorial gig, but hopefully one with a better response. His first was 2003's Undefeated, which was a sports drama about a boxer, and didn't go over well with the people who did see it.

Tar Beach, on the other hand, is a drama based on the true story of Carol Boyd -- "a young woman saddled with caring for her alcoholic stepfather and paroled stepsister." There is no word on who wrote the script -- whether it is Ms. Boyd, if she has a book coming out about her story, or if someone else penned the account. (It's not Faith Ringgold's novel.) However, it does seem that Joe Anderson is attached for a role in the film. You might have caught him in one of his 2007 bunch of films -- Across the Universe, Control, and Becoming Jane. Stay tuned -- hopefully we'll have more solid news soon.
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