If someone came to me and asked, "Erik, if you could pick any two actors to appear opposite one another on screen, who would it be?" -- I'd probably tell them Kermit the Frog and Javier Bardem. But my second choice would most certainly be Lindsay Lohan and Jack Black. E! News reports that Lohan has decided to get back to work, and she'll do so by starring in the comedy Ye Olde Times, opposite everyone's favorite slightly overweight funnyman, Jack Black. The film follows "two rival Renaissance Faire troupes as they make their way through the competitive circuit." Currently, there's no word on whether Lohan will be competing with Black or against him, but regardless this film just hit my "Must See When Intoxicated" list.

Lohan, who recently left rehab to shoot the tango flick Dare to Love Me, seems keen to hop right back into the spotlight. Earlier in the week, her nude photo spread for New York Magazine was revealed, and while I'm not sure which step on the 12-step program includes nude photos for a prominent magazine, I'm sure it's probably toward the latter end. Ye Olde Times, which will be directed by R.A. White, also stars Cary Elwes, Matthew Lillard, David Arquette and Orlando Jones. The film will most likely hit at some point this year.

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