Sorry folks -- we've taken the trailer down at the request of the studio.

Wow -- talk about shoving an entire season's worth of drama and storylines into one movie, and then covering it all in the trailer! Okay, up there, you can see the new trailer for Sex and the City. This isn't some vague teaser, but rather a full-blown trailer to finally give us something substantial, rather than rumors of false scenes and fan confusion. I hate to say -- it looks like that god-awful wedding dress was not a spoof, but then again, what is Carrie if not a smart woman who a ridiculously stupid sense of fashion?

But that's not all. According to this trailer, things don't wrap up smoothly, even if the series finale ended in happiness... Carrie is having a HUGE wedding. Big isn't happy. Rather, scratch that -- John James Preston. It looks like she gets stood up at the wedding -- I'm thinking for the way they made Sarah Jessica Parker look. Carrie finds her personal assistant, who has a really tacky reason for being in the city. Steve proves he's an ass -- a perfect cherry to my "Down with Brady" campaign. Charlotte increases her family. Samantha's eye wanders.

And, well, there you have it folks. You can find out what happens (if you have any doubt), when the trailer hits screens May 30.