Above: New Iron Man poster from Wondercon, courtesy of ScreenRant.

We're at Wondercon in spirit ...

Our friends over at Film School Rejects claim they know who's been cast as The Blob in next summer's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I'm sorry, but how many friggin' characters will there be in this film? There's just too many. Now it sort of feels like an episode of A Different World -- ya know, you have Denise from The Cosby Show, but everyone around her is different; almost to a point where it takes away from having that familiar character because there's so many new characters to get to know. But anyway, FSR says Kevin Durand was "live-scanned" for the part of Blob, and will shoot his scenes in Canada. Since the actual film is shooting on the other side of the world, we're not sure if Durand will be shooting his scenes via satellite or what. Either way, chalk up the casting of another character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

ReelzChannel recently caught up with J.J. Abrams and managed to ask him a bit about Cloverfield 2, as well as his upcoming Star Trek flick. We've included the video interview after the jump, but essentially Abrams said they have an idea for a Cloverfield sequel that they're currently tossing around, but are not sure what's going to happen. (As if Abrams would ever be truthful about anything -- dude probably hides his real name from us as well.) Good news: Abrams admits the shaky cam that annoyed practically everyone who watched the first Cloverfield might not make it into the sequel. (Video after the jump.)

Finally, Wondercon 2008 is in full swing over in San Francisco this weekend. Cinematical is not there this year, but several other websites are -- so we'll let them do all the work. You've already seen the new IronMan poster above, and AICN also has up a pretty long report from yesterday's Wanted and Forgetting Sarah Marshall panels, including a rundown on the scenes screened, as well as what the cast in attendance had to say about the film(s). Not the most exciting stuff you've ever read, but if you're itching for anything Wondercon-related, head over there to check it out.

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