You might remember that just this week, our intrepid reporter Ryan Stewart spoke to Sigourney Weaver, who insisted that a third Ghostbusters film would never be made.

And yet, there's something strange in the neighborhood. Slashfilm is out at WonderCon, and has photographic proof that a Ghostbusters announcement will be made at ComicCon 2008.

What kind of announcement? Is it that animated Ghostbusters 3 that Dan Aykroyd mentioned a year ago? Is it a DVD re-release? Or is there actually going to be a third live action film? ComicCon announcements are almost always BIG, and so any speculation can rarely be too out there. With all of the beloved 80's franchises being dusted off and little left sacred, it would not be a surprise that we're in for another installment.

CHUD's Devin Faraci is praying to Gozor
that we aren't getting a third film. I might join him, except that my prayers were so futile when it came to bringing back Indiana Jones. So why not sound off below with your theories, hopes or cries of despair.