I wanted to find a group of teens to talk to about the Oscars, but I needed a group in which it was likely that at least some of them had actually seen some of the nominated films. So I turned to the high school youth group at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Oklahoma City where Terry, the religious education director, and Mike and Anne, the high school youth advisors, very kindly allowed me to spend a few minutes with their teens at their Wednesday night youth group.

This is a fun, rowdy group of kids, and as I'd suspected, almost all of them had seen at least one of the Oscar-nommed films, several had seen more than one, and many had vocal opinions -- whether they'd seen the films or not. Mike turned out to have seen quite a few of the films, so I'm including his thoughts as well, even though he harassed me about wanting my job. Sadly for Mike, I'm not going anywhere, but at least he gets to have his opinions seen by Cinematical readers far and wide. If the conversations seem a bit ... discombobulated ... well, that's because they were. You try getting a pack of hyper teenagers to settle down and talk about film.