Ordinary movie producers get to shag top-drawer hotties, shine their shoes with tongues of fans, and get shopping carts loads of honorary awards when they're too old to be players anymore. But Christian movie producers get all of the above, plus a free pass to heaven when they croak. Thanks to Richard Mavers for the tip on the news that the writers of Turn Me On Deadman are auctioning the rights to their script on eBay. The hope is that someone will buy it and produce it. Writer Nathyn Brendan Masters notes: "While this wouldn't take a huge amount of money to produce there would be a bit more involved to do it as well as we would like. If you or someone you know has been looking for this type of project then please feel free to place a bid."

Bidding starts at a measly dollar. We learn that the story is of haunted backward-masking on a popular CD, which destroys the life of a student who tampered with the occult. The talents involved previously did the evil Ouija board flick The Wages of Sin (above). "Decent!" raves DVDverdict.com about this earlier effort, but a less glowing review is here at moviecynics.com. We get a lot of mainstream Christian horror in The Reaping and The Exorcism of Emily Rose (here's an interview with Emily Rose's director Scott Derrickson, claiming that horror is the perfect venue for the Christian evangelical.) Not only is this the first time we've seen a script-bidding auction on eBay, it's the first time we've heard that there's a direct horror market for religious viewers.

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