It's kind of a crummy version, but up above is the first official teaser trailer for X-Files 2. Said trailer debuted at Wondercon in San Francisco over the weekend during a panel on the film. While it starts out far away, the camera does zoom in for a fairly good look at the remainder of the first X-Files footage in years. AICN has a pretty good description of the trailer for those who miss some dialogue or what have you (though there's not much, except for Billy Connolly yelling "It's here" and Amanda Peet yelling "Give him room"), but from what I can tell it looks pretty cool.

The majority of the trailer takes place on a snowy field of ice, while a slew of people track something or someone underneath. Connolly races out to a certain spot and begins digging, while we then cut to a pretty quick montage of various shots from the film. The audience at WonderCon went absolutely nutty for this trailer (as you can tell from the screaming in the background), but I will say that it's nice to see Mulder and Scully back again. Look for this trailer to arrive online in a better format next week (we assume). In the meantime, feast your eyes on the preview above. X-Files 2 arrives in theaters on July 25.