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Cinematical's Erik Davis, Scott Weinberg and Kim Voynar are live blogging the Oscars! Erik steps in first with the ceremony's opening hour below ...

9:37PM: Okay, I'm throwin' it to Weinberg. Enjoy the rest of your evening folks. (And sorry for pissing some of you off. I'm just havin' fun -- and I love you all!)

9:31PM: Looks like we've got Best Supporting Actress up next. This one is completely up in the air, but I'm rooting for Amy Ryan. Don't give Blanchett another Oscar please. Please. It's like, one more Oscar and she'll turn gold. (She might not have many, but doesn't it feel like she's already got 15 Oscar wins?) Seriously. She's already bronzing a bit. Man, there were so many better Ryan quotes. Here we go. Best Supporting Actress Winner: Tilda Swinton. Complete shocker right there!

9:28PM: Seriously. He's still doing f**king Bee Movie commercials! Holy God -- Seinfeld has officially jumped the hive. Best Animated Short Film Winner: Peter and the Wolf.

9:25PM: Owen Wilson! Did you know he's got a guy watching his wrists backstage? Best Live-Action Short Winner: Le Mozart De Pickpockets

9:22PM: Another song. How about they just sing Falling Slowly from Once a good seven times throughout the night and call it a show? Ah, but this one has the thirty people in the background swaying back and forth. Powerful, ladies and gentlemen. F**king powerful stuff right there. Sway people! Clap people! Raise that sh*t up people!

9:20PM: I'd say the writer's strike jokes will feel old and tired in another 10 minutes. Like the bad dream salute. Where's the "reveals breasts moment" salute?

9:16PM: Javier thanked his mom in Spanish. I bet half the theater wondered if she was an illegal immigrant at that moment.

9:10PM: Here comes supporting actor with a montage first. Let Regis announce this one please -- I want to hear him say Xavier Bardem again. Aww, I hope Cuba Gooding saw that look back from the McDonald's drive-thru. Best Supporting Actor Winner:Javier! Javier! Javier!

9:08PM: Shhh, it's Cate Blanchett. Are we allowed to talk while she's on stage? I feel like Blanchett is my somewhat hot 8th grade homeroom teacher. Man, all the shitty awards come in the first hour. Art Direction Winner: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Nice. Good win.

9:05PM: Because The Rock needs to announce every f**king award! Best Visual Effects Winner: The Golden Compass. Take that Transformers of the Caribbean!