The Red Carpet at the Oscars is one of the biggest events of the year for Hollywood. Whether you're nominated for one of the biggest awards of your Hollywood career, or just along for the ride as arm candy, or as the obligatory "I brought my Mom to the Oscars moment," you want to look your best for that stroll down the carpet. I'll be here liveblogging, so feel free to check back often and leave your own thoughts in the comments. Here's some galleries for you to look at ... more liveblogging is after the jump.

8:27PM [Kim] God, Regis is annoying. At least Seacrest is fun to watch. Nice, Reg ... he's freaking out the dancers for "How Will I Know." If someone has a panic attack on stage, we know who to blame. That's it for the Red Carpet. Erik's up now for the first hour, then Scott and I will be back for the second and third. On with the show!

8:24PM [Scott] Awww, Ellen Page really is adorable ... and then GAH a close-up of Hilary Swank's teeth! No fair! Oooh, backstage with Regis and the Oscar dancers. Where'd I leave my bourbon?

8:18PM [Kim] What the hell was DDLs mom wearing on that dress? The beading was enormous. It kind of scared me. And I'm seeing Kimora's point about the back of Cameron Diaz's dress. The back is poufy, and it kind of makes her look like she has a long, droopy ass.

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