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Cinematical's Erik Davis, Scott Weinberg and Kim Voynar are live blogging the Oscars! Kim's up next with the conclusion of the 2008 Academy Awards ...

That's a wrap, folks. Thanks for spending Oscar night with us!

11:45PM Thank God, it's almost done. Denzel Washington, looking smoking hot, is presenting. And the big winner is ... no surprise! No Country for Old Men is sweeping it up tonight. Good for them. WINNER BEST PICTURE: No Country for Old Men

11:40PM Coming up, Best Director. I'm still betting on the Coens to take this one. Scott calls it for Paul Thomas Anderson, but at least he's not threatening to kick any cats if PTA doesn't win. Scott ate BBQ with PTA once. I'm jealous. Don't you just love Martin Scorsese's voice? And ... the Coens win it! I bet No Country takes Best Picture too. WINNER BEST DIRECTOR: Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, No Country for Old Men

11:32PM Time for Best Actor. Helen Mirren even makes presenting an Oscar look good. I'm still betting Daniel Day-Lewis, so is Weinberg. And we're ... so right. Daniel Day-Lewis. And he so deserves it. ... WINNER BEST ACTOR: Daniel day-Lewis, There Will be Blood

11:27PM So, the Coens win screenplay for No Country, Cody for Juno. Who's gonna take Best Picture? My money is still on No Country for that one, but we'll see if there's an upset.